Meet our pioneers: Junior Full Stack Developer – Joao Corsini

Peer Talk is a series of articles and video interviews that investigates the new roles that are born from the transformation of work life and business. At Barona IT we have the privilege of finding new career opportunities & employing around 700 IT professionals yearly.

In this article we meet Joao Corsini, who works as a Full Stack Developer. Joao shares us what his work is all about and gives tips for those who are interested in becoming Full Stack Developers in the future.

Joao is a Full Stack Developer with a degree in electrical engineering in Brazil. Joao did his first one-year internship in Finland and during that time he got inspired about programming and web development in general.

After the internship, Joao returned to Brazil for two years. He was searching for a job, when he found the opportunity at Optima Solutions, his current work place. Joao applied for the job, and to his great delight, he got the job.

“The whole process with visa and paper work went a lot faster than I would have imagine. After I got the contract and I had my diploma from my university, I sent the papers to the embassy and just waited. After one and half months I got the papers back, got the visa and came here. I like working in Finland because here the work environment is different, and it is nice to try different cultures”, says Joao.

Joao shares that as a Full Stack Developer, he likes the fact that he gets to operate with both sides of the web; back end and front end development. He builds databases and other invisible parts of a websites as well as the interface that we as users see.

“The best thing in my work is that I can start a project and finish a project just by myself. I also like that it’s a technology that is always evolving so something that I learned three years ago might not be relevant anymore. I like that I need to keep up with the development and study new things every day. I follow Hacker News and interesting people in twitter, because by following the right people they will always give you new ideas on what is happening. It is interesting to know what they are creating and also to see if there is something that we should check out more deeply also”, says Joao.

If someone would like to be a developer, Joao encourages them to start learning CSS, HTML and JavaScript so that they’ll see if that’s what they like.

Optima provides advanced ERP systems, comprehensive real estate information systems, a digital logbook, modern property maintenance service, intelligent access control services, and a wide range of ICT services.


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